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Xi Wang was born and raised in China. During her childhood years, cartoons, comic books, and fantasy stories were her most treasured friends. She always  loved to draw and create a small secret worlds, filling them with different character roles and individual stories. To be a member of the artist world became to her ultimate dream.
After high school graduation, she moved to New York, and started her first college. She studied studio art and gained the basic skills of drawing, painting, photograph, and sculpturing. She continued her journey at the Academy of Art University to study 3D Modeling. Xi loves to transform subjects and characters from 2D to 3D. Modeling is the basic job to bring 2D works into 3D, breathing life into objects and characters. Xi loves to design and create pieces that bring inanimate objects to life. In the future, Xi will continue to develop her skills and improve her works. Her dreams will always keep her going.


3D Modeler

Xi Wang




                                                 online Portfolio: 




Academy of Art University

San Francisco, CA   2009- 2013

Major: Animation and Visual Effects, emphasis in 3D Modeling

Bachelor of Fine Arts

City University of New York, Hunter College

New York, NY   2007- 2009

Emphasis on studio art  




 Holly FIR. Game Studio- Intern

        Beijing, China   Summer 2011

  • Low and high res modeling

  • Texture painting

 “Doctor! Oh, Doctor”School project

San Francisco, CA  2012-2013

  • Environmental and prop  Modeling               


“Aria for a Cow"Short animation film, 

Los Angelo’s, CA 2013-2014

Model Lead













Awards &

Art Interview            


 "Grounded", Short animation film                                              San Francisco, CA 2014  

  • Character Modeling 


Flatter than Earth, Game studio  -3D Artist on “Puppet Quest” Project

  • 3D modeling, UV unwrapping, texture painting          SanFrancisco, CA2014




3DArtist’s CG  Student  Awards- NEXT- GEN GAMING

Student of the year 2013- High commented                                San Francisco, CA 2013                                                               












Short Animarion film "Aria for a Cow" art intervew




  • Maya

  • Zbrush

  • Photoshop

  • MudBox


                                             San Francisco CA 2014  







  • After Effects

  • 3Ds MAX

  • Unfold 3D Magic

  • UV layout






Low poly/ high poly modeling, UV mapping,  Texture painting



drawing, painting, character design, concept art, graphic design, video games








































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